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Recycling, Document Destruction, and Waste Stream Management Specialist!                  

Document Shredding and Destruction

Shredder Conveyor Shredded Paper

Shredder and Conveyer           Shredded Documents

Shredded Baler for Recycling

Shredded and Baled for Recycling 

  1. Our facility is safe and secure. We have 24 hour per day security video monitoring of our building and shredding activities.

  2. After shredding, your destroyed documents are then baled and recycled into new paper products.

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  • Secured Fibres is the largest document destruction company in Las Vegas!

  • Secured Fibres is a member of the


The National Association for Information Destruction

Interesting facts from the NAID;

  • Every business has information that requires destruction

  • Records should be destroyed on a regular schedule.

  • Incidental business records discarded on a daily basis should be protected.

  • Most records storage companies do not have the equipment to provide shredding services.

  • Internal Personnel should not be responsible to destroy certain information.

  • Information protection is a vital issue to senior management.

  • Recycling alone is not an adequate alternative for information destruction.  (it should first be securely shredded then recycled!

  • Payroll, health records,  business proposals, and personal documents demand privacy and documented, trusted destruction. 


We can destroy these documents on-site, or at our secure plant.