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Recycling, Document Destruction, and Waste Stream Management Specialist!                  

Paper Bales for Recycling  Cardboard Bales ready for Recycling
 Paper Baled for Recycling         Cardboard Baled for Recycling


Did you realize that 70% less energy is required to recycle paper and cardboard compared to making it from raw material?

We customize programs for business with the goal of providing you with efficient service and the most convenient way to recycle. Secured Fibres can handle all of your;

  • Cardboard

  • Office Paper

  • Newspaper

  • Books

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics

You can be confident that all the material we handle is recycled.

So the next time you throw that paper away, don't trash it. Deposit in one of the convenient bins, containers or compactors Secured Fibres can supply.

Contact us for information on recycling programs;